There are more than 2000 names of rolled metal products warehoused in our facility which makes possible timely execution of practically any complex order.
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About Us

TAKT Limited Liability Company was founded in 1995 and is currently the largest metal service center in Ukraine with proprietary production facilities.

Our company rightfully occupies a leading position in the area of production and sale of rolled metal products for such industries as agriculture, mining machinery, aviation, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding and others.

Representative offices of TAKT LLC are strategically placed in major cities of Ukraine, which allows us to be closer to our customers and to deliver products to any region of the country.

Along with a wide range of metal products, we provide our customers with a range of services of cutting, straightening, heat treatment, machining, packaging and delivery of metal rolled products.

The high qualification of our specialists in all the areas of activities of our company as well as the successful integration of the achievements reached in the many years of experience enable our company to develop dynamically.

Our management, service, and production are focused on the maximum satisfaction of our consumers; therefore, TAKT LLC can always provide the optimum solution to any problem that our customers face.

We are expanding our business geography by focusing on the needs of our customers and are always open to new partnerships.